A Sunny Day in the Park

Sakura sakura...

In Toronto we are lucky enough to have the beautiful cherry blossom season every year now, which indicates the arrival of spring. Yes it's a lot later then the west coast and anywhere in the south, but finally, it's here! 

Different from our tradition (intensively holding up the cameras and busy switching lenses) in the past years, we skipped the weekend peaks, sat down for a mini picnic under the trees, and really got to enjoy the blue sky decorated with pale pink petals.

This turned out to be my inspiration for next photo-shoot :)

Sakura - Cherry Blossom
Can't help falling in love with this amazing plant, she's always on top of My Favorite list.

The Blue Pink Sky
There comes the moon! Hope you enjoy a lovely spring too.

* This post is dedicated for my beloved Mami, for it's her birthday today. I can't spend the day with her this year but I promise myself to celebrate her next birthday together under these cherry blossom trees!

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