You Purchase Earrings, I Send a Diamond

I just love to play with the minimal packaging material and make the best visual out of it. 
Hopefully those who receive what I send will not only enjoy the items they pay for, but also receive a pop of the excitement sealed in the envelopes with their names!


Put Them All Up to the Wall

Finally moved in a new apartment and now trying to get things organized, I start digging through my pin boards and bookmarked pages I've been collecting for inspirations.

All in a sudden I was thinking, if there's too much hassle tucking everything in, why don't I just pull them all out and put them on the wall as decoration? That would make good use of both the objects and, the walls! Now I'm in serious consideration...

Wall of handbags at Skirt PR

Hat storage via Kimberly Pesch

More hats display by La Belle Oiselle

Ceramic plates at the pastry Bobbette and Belle, Toronto

The wall of shoes by my favourite blogger Park & Cube