Great Match-ups

There are numerous awesome photographers on Etsy, exploring for pretty and inspiring imageries is always a joy! I surprised myself today by finding these great match-ups of our vintage outfits and fine art photography.

Floral Print Cotton Dress / Orchid Market No. 30 by GabrielleKai

Lavender Harvest by GeorgiannaLane / Woven Jute Market Tote 

Muted Roses High Waisted Skort / I Touch Roses II by Chad Merritt

Vintage Ralph Lauren Floral Silk Dress / Blackberries by Saskia van Oers

Starry Night Garden Sheer Skirt / Haleakala by Lupen Grainne at HoneyTree 


  1. Hi Carri! What a great idea for a post. Beautiful and very creative. Thank you so much for including me! Georgianna

  2. For some reason I totally love this post - these match-ups are gorgeous!