Our First Ever Giveaway

We will be doing a Monthly Giveaway start from June! The 1st customer of the month will receive a pre-selected in-store item as bonus.

The prize for this month is this popular "Double Happiness Braided Bracelet" -- it was handpicked for a number of treasury lists, as well as on the front page of Etsy, it has also received 130+ hearts from Etsy friends by far.

The winning customer can choose to 

- have the prize shipped together with his/her purchase, or 
- send it to a friend as a gift (the shipping is on us)! 

Excited?! More details on Shop Announcement in store and our Facebook page. We are hoping to host giveaway events more often in the near future, so follow us on Facebook / Tumblr to stay updated! 


Great Match-ups

There are numerous awesome photographers on Etsy, exploring for pretty and inspiring imageries is always a joy! I surprised myself today by finding these great match-ups of our vintage outfits and fine art photography.

Floral Print Cotton Dress / Orchid Market No. 30 by GabrielleKai

Lavender Harvest by GeorgiannaLane / Woven Jute Market Tote 

Muted Roses High Waisted Skort / I Touch Roses II by Chad Merritt

Vintage Ralph Lauren Floral Silk Dress / Blackberries by Saskia van Oers

Starry Night Garden Sheer Skirt / Haleakala by Lupen Grainne at HoneyTree 


A Different Donkey

You may have seen this funny teabags when the wedding was still hot in the news. I recently found this "100% German design" company Donkey-Products who designed and made Katea & William, they actually have more innovative fun gifts to offer. Here are just a few of my favorites...
High tea with Audrey is no longer a dream. Hopefully this will be back in stock soon.
In a hurry for celebration with your loved one but don't want to smash a real cake on the way?
This will be the best to-go choice :)
Organize your life so give yourself a ticket everyday :)
If you also have the habit of writing / doodling on napkin like me.
Why do you need a light bulb when you have a candle like this?!
It's tea time now! Hope you all have fun.


As Far As Your Eyes Can Reach...

... the world is so colorful on a sunny afternoon.

I drew inspiration from this shot of an amazing garden in Tokyo, and started an image hunt for a blast of colors.

Image by Little Thing from Japan

Bracelet composed of 8 cords, the Good Hood Store - my recent favorite UK based site.

Stix by ginettesqulette

via Colorful Homes (image source from www.vtwonen.nl )

Talk about colors for food you can't miss these amazing macaroons by +Jethro+

Pattern by ashkahn

A handful of colors and fun by Abbey at How Now Design (and her wonderful blog is here)

Love this Mountain Range print by the talented artist SwellPaple from Detroit

And if you are on Etsy don't miss out these hand embroidered pieces by Maranon (formerly Spinthread)

Incredible shots from Iceland by one of my favorite blogs Kris Atomic
(you must have seen her pop fashion illustrations in magazines and someone else's blogs)

Jil Sander maxi dress (image found via tumblr

And when the night falls, the colorful world still won't fade. Image by Elizabeth Taylor.


A Little Blurb

I am starting this blog to share inspirations, loving objects, wonderful finds, day dreams, and maybe some DIY projects as well.

I am a girl who loves sunshine, traveling, design, photography, vintage, crafting, jazz, fashion, innovative wedding ideas, hunting for delicious food and nice cafes! I am on Flickr and have been keeping an inspiration photo blog on Tumblr, but now totally a newbie to Blogger.

So if you happen to drop by and would like to follow, please leave me some advice or let me know what you would love to see here, your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Come join me and see how far we roll!


A Sunny Day in the Park

Sakura sakura...

In Toronto we are lucky enough to have the beautiful cherry blossom season every year now, which indicates the arrival of spring. Yes it's a lot later then the west coast and anywhere in the south, but finally, it's here! 

Different from our tradition (intensively holding up the cameras and busy switching lenses) in the past years, we skipped the weekend peaks, sat down for a mini picnic under the trees, and really got to enjoy the blue sky decorated with pale pink petals.

This turned out to be my inspiration for next photo-shoot :)

Sakura - Cherry Blossom
Can't help falling in love with this amazing plant, she's always on top of My Favorite list.

The Blue Pink Sky
There comes the moon! Hope you enjoy a lovely spring too.

* This post is dedicated for my beloved Mami, for it's her birthday today. I can't spend the day with her this year but I promise myself to celebrate her next birthday together under these cherry blossom trees!