Candies for My Fingers

Do you have a crave for those colorful and intrigue triangle patterns like kaleidoscope? I have to admit that I can't resist anything as cute as this!

Eva at nomilktoday makes lovely jewelry from necklaces, brooches, rings to bobby pins with polymer clay in all happy colors (I'm sure her studio would look like a part of heaven!), everything is one-of-a-kind design that's handcrafted with love and care. Recently I bugged her to make me a customized double ring and it turns out so cute, can't wait to see it in person and put on my fingers.

If you haven't seen them on Etsy you must have missed out a lot, everything listed in store were sold out so quickly. But no worries, Eva is super friendly and nice to work with, you may wanna convo her for the next custom order and I'm pretty sure you will feel in love with these eye candies too.

1 comment:

  1. so in love with eva's work! i just wore one of her necklaces today! not a time goes by that i don't get a compliment from someone :)